Leaking Taps & Water Pipes

There is nothing more annoying than a dripping tap in your home.

There are numerous amounts of reasons a tap can be leaking. generally the washers deteriorating and the seats becoming cracked or gouged. Once this happened you need to attend to your taps to prevent further damage. we have a vast range the equipment for fixing your taps whether is a mixer or a spindle we can sort it out.

Leaking water pipes can also cause extensive damage to your home and property and need to be fixed urgently.  We have all the solutions to repair and keep the water flowing.

Common Signs of a water leak

Your water pressure is reduced to a weak trickle.

You now have a swamp for a front lawn.

There are worrying new soft patches in the ground. Your lawn might be looking much healthier in some areas than others

The outside paving, bricks or concrete around your house are damp and unstable.

Your water bill has jumped a lot higher than seems normal.

We have over 13 years experience in the plumbing industry

We believe things should be done once, and right, the first time.

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